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Fish Ordering
 Policy for Salt Water Price List

Policy for getting Salt Water Fish at these prices.

We take orders during the week, the earlier you order better chance of getting what you want.

They will still be in the same bag that come from wholesaler.

Must be ordered by Thursday noon for delivery on Friday

Must be picked up on Friday

If not picked up and are acclimated to store tanks go to regular retail price.

We can not always guarantee that fish will come in cause availability changes hourly. May show on list but when orders go in may be out of stock.

When ordering always leave a contact number, if out of stock we will call before 1 pm Friday to save you a trip.

Cannot guarantee size or sex, assume small unless stated in list. 

This is the only way we can offer these prices which are just above wholesale. 

You can save hundreds of dollars with these prices. 

Check Store for list 

​Can be put on our email list 
just email your email address